Who sells ViewSonic VSD220 22-Inch (21.5-Inch Vis) Full HD 1080p LED Touchscreen Smart Display and Android 4.0 ICS All-in-One


VSD220 22-Inch (21.5-Inch Vis) Smart Display with 1920x1080 Full HD resolution, features a TI Dual Core ARM Processor and Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) OS. With full Google GMS certification, users can enjoy diverse Android multimedia applications such as social networking, cloud services, and online video. Versatile connectivity options include Micro HDMI, Three USB ports (2 x Type A and 1 x Micro USB OTG), Micro SD Card, RJ45, headphone jack, and 1.2M pixel webcam with integrated microphone for video conferencing. Wireless and Bluetooth network connections provide instant access to transfer data, documents, and multimedia files. In addition, the VSD220 can also operate as a traditional 22-Inch Full HD display via HDMI to your PC/Laptop for office work, or for surfing the internet and gaming. Integrated speakers with SRS premium sound complete the package for your multimedia enjoyment.


  • 22-Inch (21.5-Inch Vis) 1080P LED Screen
  • TI Dual Core CPU with Android ICS (4.0)
  • Infrared Optical Dual Touch Technology
  • Integrated 1.2M pixel webcam with mic
  • Integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LAN (RJ45)

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars Awesome device, not as good as I hoped
Jeremy A. Mckenzie

Don't get me wrong - I love it! However, I am bummed that I can't install a lot of key programs that I was expecting to in order to flesh out my kitchen and living room environment. For instance, I can't install Spotify or Pandora or Facebook. That came as a big surprise when the Google Play Store says this device is not supported for those apps! :(. However, I am still able to use Google's Play Music and Google Plus and a bunch of other apps to get my most basic needs of music, calendar, news, and virtual shopping list met.I hoping that this is merely a temporary pain of being an early adopter and that all these issues can be resolved with a software update in the near future (Viewsonic, are you listening?). I will rate this a five once I can install the apps that I expected to get with an Android system.

5 out of 5 stars Cool concept, lacking product. UPDATED: Issue resolved.

I'll make it simple: This device doesn't have enough power to play Netflix.If you are going to build a new, cool product you have to do it right. This device is awesome in many other ways. I turned it on at work, configured it as a secondary, touch screen monitor and couldn't wait to get home and watch Netflix on it with my wife.It's a neutered All-in-one. If Viewsonic had paired it with say a 1.5 Ghz processor instead of 1.0 Ghz it would have passed the minimum requirements for apps like Netflix and a few others.I would have gladly paid the extra cost to have the device this thing promised to be but isn't.UPDATE: Amazon's appstore is a valid substitute in most cases for Google's own Play Store. I was able to install Netflix from Amazon and it is running smoothly.UPDATE 2: ViewSonic came through on their promise and updated their firmware to include a fix for the Google Play incompatibility issue. WooHoo!! One can now download Netflix and alike directly from Google Play.Thank you to ViewSonic for the quick response and Amazon as well.

4 out of 5 stars An almost perfect PC replacement - as long as you can live with one user profile

I have been in to Personal computers since their birth in the 70's. After using the most recent crop of Android smart phones and Android tablets, I decided that our family PC, a shared Windows 7 notebook, might be able to be replaced by an All-in-One Android system. I purchased the VSD220 with the explicit intent of replacing our family's dying shared 17" Notebook.I was initially impressed by the sleek design and the fact that it powered up flawlessly. The display was crisp and bright and the on-screen keyboard and touch screen was very responsive.So I began the task of setting it up with the apps necessary to replace the PCs software and functions.Many of the included apps served some basic needs, others were downloaded from the Google Play store.I was soon disappointed to learn that the Amazon Prime Streaming Video service requires Adobe Flash, but Amazon has made it next to impossible to allow this service work on Android. I even tried to side loaded an earlier archived version of Adobe Flash and Dolphin HD Browser, which I found detailed on a forum page, only to be stymied. So no Amazon Prime streaming on this system :-(I found that the Archos Video Player App was able to successfully install. (I have found a few apps which the Google Play Store said were incompatible with the system ?) It is able to access and play our entire library of ripped DVDs and Windows Media Center Recorded TV shows which are being served up on a Windows 7 share.All in all this Android PC is performing almost flawlessly. There have been a couple of times when the on-screen keys did not want to be recognized correctly, requiring multiple attempts. A reboot resolved the issue. And a system update appeared to have resolved the others.Read more ›

3 out of 5 stars System has some software compatibility issues...
R. A. Slaughter

The unit replaces one of our Window based PC's, taking up about a third of the space. And to this end, I am we'll satisfied. The unit performs adequately for email, web surfing, playing music etc.The reason I cannot give it higher marks is the software incompatibilities. I own several apps for my ASUS tablet that in turn I tried to load to the 220. I would get an error from Google's store, but could then obtain the app from Amazon. The inverse is also true. Between the two, I have managed to load most of the apps I wanted, but, it is frustrating having to go between the two to accomplish it. The store that Viewsonic offers has issues's as well. The one that comes to mind is the MyMusic app that is offered with the pre-loaded apps. It sends me to the viewsonic store, but then I get an error trying to obtain it. The store tells me I have already purchased the app and will not allow another download and that the app is in my applications. It is not.Pre-load apps are really just trials, and cannot be deleted? OfficePro 6 is an app that I have already purchased, so I wish to delete the trial. The option to uninstall is not available. So now I have two icons with the same name. I tried a factory reset, but the trials come back.Fix the store, allow uninstallation of the pre-loads, and figure out why one store says the app is incompatible while the other allows installation, and my rating would change to at least a 4.Bottom line, hardware good, software needs work.

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