Who sells Sony KDL-46HX729 46" LED HX729 Internet TV


Enjoy Full HD 1080p picture quality even in 3D, plus incredible motion clarity during fast-action sports, movies and games with the BRAVIA HX729 Series LED HDTV. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to access the best selection of online movies, TV episodes, videos, music and more from the biggest names in entertainment-so you can watch what you want, when you want. Packed with features, this Full HD 1080p TV also features exclusive X-Reality PRO technology which improves the picture detail in everything you watch, from low-resolution web videos to your favorite Blu-ray Disc movies. Each pixel is analyzed and perfected for optimal color, contrast and sharpness.FEATURES:RS-232C and IR-in - Allows flexible control capabilites in custom and advanced installations.See It All in 3D - Enjoy incredible depth and a sharp, Full HD 1080p picture from the leader in 3D technology. (3D Active Glasses required, sold separately)Presence Sensor - Save energy when you're not around. The television's built-in motion sensor has the ability to scan the room and detect movement. If the sensor detects no movement it automatically turns off the picture leaving only sound. After more time and no movement, the TV turns itself off minimizing any unnecessary power draw.Navigation Made Easy - Enjoy an easy-to-use menu that allows you to navigate additional content or adjust the picture settings while watching your favorite program.Deep Black Panel - Enjoy excellent contrast and crisp picture.Internet Streaming & Connectivity - Sony Internet TV Get instant access to must-have entertainment, including thousands of hit movies, TV shows, music choices, online videos and games.1 Plus get new apps delivered to you automatically, so your selection is never outdated and you are always connected to the


  • Remote Control (RM-YD061)
  • AC Power Cord
  • Table Top Stand

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Why to get the HX729
WHY THIS MODEL:I bought this TV through Amazon last week and it arrived a few days ago. I've had a good amount of time to play with all its capabilities. The out of the box settings are not that good, so the settings do need some adjustment. This TV is an unbelievable deal coming from SONY as it has the EXACT same specifications as the more expensive HX820. The only difference is that the HX820 has monolithic gorilla glass design. I've compared this TV with both the EX720 and the HX820 and this TV delivers a picture almost identical to the HX820 for a much cheaper price than the HX820. The original listing price for the 46HX820 is $2,600 while my 46HX729 was originally listed for $1,900. Trust me, $700 more just for just the monolithic gorilla glass on the HX729 is not worth it. Don't by into the opti-contrast gimmick that Sony says monolithic gorilla glass provides, the HX729 creates black as black as the black frame. I was originally looking to buy the EX720, but after finding out that the panel frequency on that model is actually only 120hz, I settled on this model which is the cheapest SONY 3D TV with 240hz panel frequency. (The EX720 is motion-flow 240, however its actually frequency is only 120hz.) Specification wise, this TV is much better than the EX720 in multiple categories such that the Hz is twice as fast, it has X-reality PRO*(2 processing chips instead of 1), dynamic LED, local dimming, etc. It also the cheapest model to have wifi and the 3d transmitter built it. Surprisingly, it has a glossy display.Read more ›
4 out of 5 stars Sweet
Richard Miller
I recently upgraded our living room TV and was throughly confused with all the choices available. We had always been impressed with the picture quaility of our neighbors TV, a SONY.After much research, we bought the Sony KDL-46HX729.We wanted to stream Netflix to our TV and this one also had built-in wireless internet. We have a netgear N600 router in our basement about 20' from the upstairs TV and so far the signal strength has been good with no problems streaming video. You have to do a little setup and registering on Sonys website before streaming netflix but it wasn't to bad. The TV itself has a great picture, looks great and gets a lot of compliments. My only complaint is the sound. It lacks bass and low end, I have a feeling this true on all thin style TV's. My solution was to add a Zvox 325 single cabinet sound system. The self contained amplifer and speakers really add some depth to movies and television. I have it it plugged in thru the headphone minijack and it really makes a difference. Overall we are very pleased our new Sony TV but I think Sony has already replaced this model with the KDL-46HX820.
4 out of 5 stars Almost a great TV
David A. Stout
TV has an excellent picture. Flaws are so minor, the average viewer won't notice. I saw no difference between this display and the gorilla glass models. I would only recommend gorilla glass to those with children. There is no difference in the amount of glare between screens and the glass displays are quite a bit more expensive. I did not test 3D. The standard 2D picture looks very good to me. Without question, the most disappointing feature is the sound. It was beyond bad. Even listening to the news was irritating. My solution was a Sony 32" sound bar. Oilla! Now it sounds great. Unless you're serious about audio, the 32" bar works fine with sets up to 50" and will be quite acceptable for most viewers. Despite my TV being a 46", the 32" bar made Indiana Jones sound steller, including the music when the credits rolled. In my opinion, they should sell these newer slimline models without speakers at all. To sum it up, a great picture with horrible audio.
4 out of 5 stars The Picture is Superb and The Audio is Weak.
I'm a hardcore gamer and I love movies. The 3D effect is great. You can literally make anything 3D with it's 2D to 3D conversion setting. I recommend only using the 3D for things that were intended for it like 3D Blu-ray movies or stereoscopic 3D games. You'll get the best results that way I promise. And also the TV can use a little picture adjustment. Change the picture settings to Vivid for best results. And never make the 3D effect stronger in the settings. It was intended to be 3D with the default settings. Making it stronger will only cause ghosting. Now the audio is okay, but it doesn't pack a punch. When I was playing a video games with alot of explosions and strong bass, the audio in my TV started making a static/cracking noise like it couldn't handle it. RED FLAG. Buy a 5.1 Surround Sound System. End of story. For what it's worth, this is an excellent TV. The graphics on Blu-ray movies are so sharp it looks 3D even though it isn't. It's so sharp that it almost looks like your watching it live. Like it almost loses that cinematic glare if you know what I mean. So I give this product a solid 4 stars.
1 out of 5 stars TV lifespan 2-3 years
I bought this TV on 10/24/2011, up until last 08/2014 I was satisfied and I didn't even know that a curve UHD 4K TV was created. Yes, I know where have I been but like any relationship when things go wrong you begin looking again. In 08/2014 I would turn on my TV and the picture would have a brighter picture with lines. Suddenly, the picture would start flickering and then go back into high definition witha better picture. Then, 09/2014 it became worse when the TV would flicker back out of high definition to a brighter picture. In addition, my xbox one dashboard began to burn into the TV, pixel burn still exists. Vizio TV's have a lifetime warranty against pixel direction just to remedy this but Sony doesn't with such expensive products, now that's interesting. I was watching World War Z, the scene when they light the flare in the hallway. Every character was washed out with a red tint in their face like a bright red neon light. I checked the warranty which covers only one year after the purchase date. I sent it out through geek squad since I bought the TV from Best Buy I got an email instead of a call. By the way I was suppose to receive a call with a repair price. I call, I was transferred and I had to wait for a call back. I receive a call back finally to find out they wanted me to pay $2000.00 for repairs. Yeahhh.... not happening! I so far have had a bad experience with four of Sony's products including this TV, another TV, PS3 and DVD Player. I gave this TV 0 stars but I am forced to give it one start to post this review. DO NOT BUY THIS TV BECAUSE IN 2-3 YEARS THE TV WILL BE A PAPER WEIGHT. THANK YOU SONY for teaching me a valuable lesson about investing your money instead of wasting it. I have a Samsung Plasma in my living room for 6 years that is still kicking and a lot cheaper than my Sony which was protected from children. I guess the answers to my problems is in my living room.

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