Who sells JVC 22" LED 1080p 60Hz HDTV | LT22EM72


The backlit LED display with built-in ATSC and QAM tuners boasts a beautiful, dynamic picture


  • 22" viewable screen
  • LED; 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio; 60Hz refresh rate
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Built-in ATSC/QAM Tuners/PC
  • 1080p, 1 HDMI

Customer Reviews

1 out of 5 stars Only lasts for 12 months 1 day!
Cathy OBrien

This seemed like a really good buy from Sams Club, however just after the warranty expired and it really was 1 day after it expired the tuner failed on this TV which left a snowy picture. I cannot recommend an item which has been only used occasionally and has a problem after such a short time, we have old style portable televisions that were still going strong despite abuse from 3 small kids after 5 years!


PROS: - Abundant user features - Slim compact designCONS: - Does not work well with analog tv - Poor image quality - Sub-par reception - Annoying setup experienceMy wife received this t.v. as a Christmas gift this year for our kitchen television. A few days later, I was installing it. After routing the antenna cable (we rely on local HD channels combined with internet tv rather than cable), I hooked up the t.v. and fired it up.The setup was straight-forward and intuitive with language selection, time zone, etc... The setup then proceeded through a channel setup as expected. What I did not anticipate was no picture after the channel setup was complete. I checked everything, and still no picture. After an hour or so, I turned off the t.v. and hooked it up where another t.v. in the house was connected and working - and it worked!I brought it back to the kitchen and re-connected it and it worked. Apparently it needed to be cycled off/on after setup. I began running through my channel lineup of about 35 local channels. I was severely disappointed with the picture quality as well as the reception. Channels that worked well on every other tv in my house were flickering in and out on this tv. In addition the image quality was definitely not HD 1080p as identified.When I would attempt to select channel 12 by entering 12, the tv would change channels and instead of displaying 12-1 like every other t.v. in my house it displayed 12 and a no signal banner. The t.v. does not interface well with analog television signal.The color adjustment was off and did not represent flesh tones correctly. No matter how much I messed with the settings I could not find an adjustment I was satisfied with. This t.v.Read more ›

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