Where to Buy Sanven Highest Brightness Bulid-in Wifi Projector Led 3d Full Hd 3500 Lumens


How to use
Please refer to the following product user manual
LED projectors are becoming more and more popular. LED technology is used in a wide range of products, including home theater projectors, business and education projectors
Technical Parameters:
1.Series and type:HD TV hope theater projector
2.Display mode : 5.8 inches TFT LCD panel display technology, LED light source
3.Brightness:3500 lumens (LED light max)
4.Native resolution:1280*800 spport:800*600, 1024*768,1280*800 full HD with HDMI port
5.Lamp:150W LED lamp
6.Lamp life:Above 50000 hours
7.Projector lens :Manual zoom lenth & Manual zoom & Focus
8.Projection Size:52"-240"
9.Throw distance:2.5M -6M (100 inches at 4 meters)
10.Aspect ratio:4:3 native/16:9 optional
11.Power consumption:240W
1.Well-designed Copper tube conducts heat, With Aluminum-based heat sink. larger cooling area, high-performance cooling technology and no noise
2.Native 1280x800 Pixels Support to 1080p by HDMI port
3.Specifically for home theater Replace LCD TV for Entertainment KTV market demand;
4.Monochrome White LED lamps 150W Ultra-high-power, Maximum light utilization efficiency to meet the normal environment use during the day
5.Standard HDMI Terminal Port, Supports 30-bit ,36-bit and 48-bit (RGB or YCbCr) color scale,Than traditional HDMI 24-bit color depth and better color Performance.


  • LED light sources have some serious advantages over conventional lamps. LED projectors require little maintenance, as there is no lamp to be changed. Furthermore, LED light sources last significantly longer than the competition.
  • The techonology is greener than the alternative conventional projector lamps. Between their long lives, lack of upkeep, and lower power usage, LED projectors save you money in the long run
  • High-definition home theaters, daylight home cinema, education ,business presentation, conference ,meeting room,big-screen private theater;Video Game(PS2/PS3/XBOX360),PC Games,KTV, nightclubs,Party entertainment...low cost high level Full HD Android Wifi 3D Projector
  • Forward-looking industrial design unique with visual appeal,Large cutting angle and a broad- brush application of a revolutionary change in the appearance of the product,More in line with audio-visual type Home theater customers feel recognized,And distinguished from other homogeneous products. At the same time improve the quality of products to meet customer needs most cost-effective home theater projectors;
  • Well-designed Copper tube conducts heat, With Aluminum-based heat sink. larger cooling area, high-performance cooling technology and no noise;

Customer Reviews

2 out of 5 stars Absolutely not what is advertised
Amazon Junky
It claims it is 3500 lumens. It can't be over 3000. It is usable indoors during the day, but don't expect a lot of contrast.It claims to be wifi. It has no wifi instructions nor wifi options in the on-board digital menu.It claims to support Android. There is no Android support and It does not even have a usb file reader to read files over usb.It can produce an image as small as 21" screen and as large as about 120" and still focus properly. I did not try to make a screen as large as 240", because I setup during day time hours and visibility would be bad at that size.It looks exactly like the image on Amazon.The noise if I had to guess is about 25-30db.The manual focus works great.I've not been able to verify the native aspect ratio.Be sure and look at the manual that comes with it: http://www.jinlantrade.com/ebay/dr806led/img.pdf You'll notice the manual indicates no support for Android or wifi.
3 out of 5 stars summary. 1DECENT WORKING CONDITION & DESIGN 2 IN BUILT ...
evans appiah
summary.1DECENT WORKING CONDITION & DESIGN2 IN BUILT WIFI WAS NOT NOT PRESENT WITH MY OBSERVATION3SHIPPING TAKES LONGERI bought an earlier version of this product(3500 lumen) and I doubt it it now. It was supposed to have an in built WiFi (Sanven Highest Brightness Build-in WiFi...) I don't know why theY wrote that because it doesn't have WIFI with my observation. Apart from that it is decent but I feel insulted and I hope products features can be verified before they are posted on here.as advertised and written on the box when it arrived.
5 out of 5 stars Quiet and bright projector
Mark Simon
Very happy with this projector. Lots of inputs. Simple menu. Speaker is surprisingly loud. RCA output to connect to other speakers. Image is very bright.I used this at a conference I produced to show all our content. I projected it onto a 120 inch screen in a lit room and it worked great.
5 out of 5 stars incredible picture
Juli Capo
Set up is so easy, I am using it as an 80" TV in the Man Cave, on a top of the line wall screen, easy set-up to wireless DirecTV. Friendly menu, color adjustments great and remote works pointing it at the opposite wall. Projector is wall mounted behind the seats. Still need to set up Surround Sound, but do not anticipate any problems, works great with DVD player too. Sound on it's own is just "okay" for regular viewing since it is behind us, but for a large room and full impact effects from movies and gaming, it absolutely needs a sound system plugged into it. A very sharp clear HD picture. Quiet fan and cool LED brightness in a room with lights on keeps the picture sharp and always clearly visible. No need to stumble in the dark or use black out curtains, of course the darker the room, the better the picture as with most projectors. It is all that it is described and much much better than expected. Small, easy to move when necessary, nothing to complain about, I would recommend to everyone, including family and best friends without reservation. Built in WiFi a plus with our Nexus iPad. No regrets! Love it.

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