Sony KDL70W850B 70-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV


A statement in picture and design. The new angle on TV design, wrapped in a matte black finish, introduces a crisply-detailed picture plus larger speakers and enhanced sound capabilities over traditional LED televisions. See more color, clarity and detail in your HD movies, sports and TV shows with the X-Reality PRO picture engine, or choose to make your TV the hub of online entertainment at home


  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz (Native)
  • Backlight: LED (Edge-Lit)
  • Smart Functionality: Yes - Skype, Twitter, Internet Browser (Opera)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 62.5'' x 36.25" x 3.75'', TV with stand: 62.5'' x 38.25'' x 14.6''
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, MHL
  • Accessories Included: Remote, 2 3D Glasses, IR Blaster, Table Top Stand

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Awesome! Almost as good as 4K.....BUT...
Well Trained Plastic Surgeon
Well I had a 7 year old Sharp Aquos 52" that died recently and instead of repair chose a new TV. I looked at several makes and models but all had to have at least 60" and 3D with excellent quality. Several were in the running and I narrowed it down to one of the Samsung 1080p or 4k models, or the Sony XBR 65" 4k model or this one. I just could not bring myself to pay nearly $1800 more for a TV than this one. So, that left the 1080p models in my price range. I chose Sony because it had nearly the same processing as their XBR 4K model which I thought was the best TV on the market at present. Also this one is 70" and that was also a big plus. I looked at this in this showroom of local dealer and thought the color accuracy was much better than any other TV except the Sony XBR.I am a self proclaimed Home Theater SNOB so I am VERY picky about audio and video and I am usually an early adopter of new technology except this time I chose to not pay more for 4k technology.When we first received this TV out of the box the settings absolutely suck!! So I popped in my ISF HDTV Calibration DVD and calibrated my TV as I always do with a new TV. (For those that do not know ISF is the Imaging Science Foundation and makes standards by which many Movie Theater screens are calibrated. Consider it the THX of the Video world.) Anyway, that made the set MUCH better BUT it still sucked....only less than before. Sony has absolutely NO info in the Owners Manual about calibrating the TV or using the settings available in the Options Menu.My wife initially complained that we spent nearly $3000 for TV, home delivery, install/setup, removal of old 52" TV, and 5 year warranty and got a fuzzy weak washed out video even after ISF Calibration.Read more ›
5 out of 5 stars Almost perfect HDTV with some tweaking required
We were looking for a large size HDTV to replace our aging Sony projection TV. We are not much into 3D, NetFlix, or playing Blu-ray. So, I was looking for just a pure HDTV and if it came with 3D, so be it but it was not important to us at all. My family room is about 20'x14', so I was trying to figure out which TV size would fit the bill and 70-inch screen was it. You may think that such TV would be an elephant in the room but it wasn't the case. TV looks surprisingly perfectly sized.We have looked at quite a few TVs including different brands but settled yet again on Sony. I just couldn't make myself to shell out four grand for a 4K TV considering there is very little programming available out there to support it. I ordered KDL-70W850B in early June and it arrived within 5 business days on my door steps as promised. It weighs over 100 lbs, so be sure to either have a strong back or have help putting up the screen on a TV stand. TV arrives with legs installed at its widest points. My TV stand was narrower by several inches. Luckily, Sony has made provision to reposition the legs closer and that really made the difference. I used a foam block that was part of the TV packing material to prop it up which help me unscrewing the TV legs and moving them closer. A word about choosing a TV stand: I found that having a TV stand with top shelf 22-24 inches off the floor made the TV really stand out, perfect for someone watching it from a couch level.The setup was quick and intuitive. I forgot to attach the IR blaster (included accessory), so the TV instructed me to do so before proceeding with the rest of the setup. The TV asked me about my current cable provider, my zip code, wireless settings and off I was able to start using the TV a few minutes later.Read more ›
5 out of 5 stars Best display for the money
Stewart Lingle
I am not sure what other reviewers are expecting from a display of this size at this price point, but I'd challenge anyone to find one more impressive than this item. The clarity, color and contrast are absurdly good. As others have indicated, however, the out-of-box settings are lacking so configuration is a must to get optimal performance. That being said, no one sells a display that doesn't require adjustment so I can't fault the product for this requirement. The design makes it thicker than competitor's offerings to provide sound enhancement. I question Sony's decision to go this route as most people who are in the market for a 70" television probably have external audio to pair with the device. Additionally I am not thrilled with the choice to locate the IR sensor in the middle of the bottom bezel. Regardless, these are minor gripes. I bought the display for the viewing experience and it delivers this exquisitely. The set also has 4 HDMI inputs which is a selling point for me as I have exactly 4 other devices that I use for content.Another major factor in my choice of this display is a feature that TV manufacturers do not advertise: Input latency (display lag). This display has an average input latency of less than 25ms. Why does this matter? Video games! There is not another display of this size that even comes close to this low of a latency rating.If you are shopping for a 70" display you will not find a better product dollar for dollar.
2 out of 5 stars Sony KDL70W850B great picture.... but has radial banding/3D crosstalk!
Kevin Mitchell
Purchased the 70W850B through Amazon September 6th in replacement for a Vizio M652i B2 (bad pixel/severe banding and blooming). Many people have been complaining about two problems with this set.... radial banding and 3D crosstalk. Right out of the box, the picture on this set looked wonderful. But the radial banding soon appeared, think of a grey semi-transparent target logo in the middle of your screen. It gets worse as you look at the screen at an angle. Check my photos on this Audio/Video forum.... am sending this panel back to Amazon in exchange for another one because I really want to like this set. My guess is that Sony put out 50-60% defective panels made by third world companies, or they designed a faulty TV. Either way, Sony will not admit this problem unless you catch it, or if you are a lucky one that gets a good panel (the panel lottery). Shame on a company that puts out defective set for $2500+!!!!!!I'll update this review when my replacement panel gets delivered Oct. 11th. If that panel shows radial banding, that would confirm Sony is selling defective TVs and I'll go with another brand. On the other hand, Amazon gets a 5 star AAA rating for apologizing for Sony's defective set and replacing the panel with out questions or extra cost. Wish this site would let you post pictures!UPDATE: OK, received my replacement panel from Amazon yesterday and here is my personal experience. Right out of the box when the set was finished with the setup, I tested the radial banding using color fields from my Sony Vegas Pro Editing System. they looked better than the last panel I had (reference the first three pictures below).Read more ›

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