Silverstone Tek TM02 Full Motion Aluminum TV Wall Mount Arm with Full Tilt and Swivel Adjustment Ability for 32-72 Inches LCD/LED/Plasma TV


SilverStone's TM02 is an excellent TV wall mount arm with full tilt and swivel adjustment ability. It has a slim profile that occupies minimal space when initially installed and can provide highly flexible motion to meet viewing requirement in any environment. The TM02 utilizes heavy duty aluminum arm not only for more robust structure but to also achieve a premium appearance. It has smart cable management design to provide elegant and clean setup. With patented hinge mechanism and arms making TM02's movement smoother than other competitive solutions on the market and parallel jointed arms designed with human ergonomics in mind, it will help to provide the best TV viewing experience possible.


  • Flexible tilt and swivel torque adjustment
  • Smart cable management design
  • Optimal angle adjustment with full motion arms
  • Heavy duty aluminum structure
  • Supports screens up to 50 kg (110 lbs.)

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