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Simply Beautiful! Introducing the all-new VIZIO P-Series Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV. With powerful Ultra HD performance and best-in-class picture quality of Full-Array LED backlight, 72 Active LED Zones, and Clear Action 960 for incomparable contrast levels, sharpest details and deepest, purest black levels, the P-Series is your crystal-clear window to an exhilarating world where picture is everything. In addition, P-Series is fully equipped and ready for nearly all Ultra HD entertainment options. With support for HEVC decoding and the latest Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac, P-Series lets you stream Ultra HD from popular apps such as Netflix. Its superior Spatial Scaling Engine accurately and beautifully transforms your favorite 1080p Full HD sports, movies, and TV shows into spectacular Ultra HD. And support for the latest HDMI standards enables Ultra HD playback from next generation cable and satellite receivers, Blu-ray players and game consoles. The VIZIO P-Series: Simply Beautiful.


  • Superior Ultra HD picture - Experience incredible detail and clarity with over 8 million pixels and 4x the resolution of 1080p Full HD.
  • Spatial Scaling Engine - Beautifully transforms 1080p Full HD sports, movies, and TV Shows to 4K Ultra HD resolutions.
  • VIZIO Internet Apps Plus - Optimized for Ultra HD streaming, beautifully simple Smart TV delivers instant access to the hottest movies, TV shows, music, and more.
  • Blazing fast 802.11ac wireless - ideal for Ultra HD streaming.
  • 72 Active LED Zones - Dynamically adjusts the LED backlight per zone creating deeper, pure black levels and higher contrast

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Good balance of price to performance. (Updated)

I have purchased the P70 version and now that I had a chance to use it here are some thoughts.As previous reviewers have stated it is a great TV for the money. I gave it 5 stars since there is nothing on the market currently that can compete value wise. In truth it should probably be 4.5 but there is no option for it. No, this TV will not change your life, it is not as good as OLED but it comes close for thousands of dollars less. If you are in the market for a new TV; and you want to go BIGer....and can't justify an OLED TV, this is it.I will skip all the likes and only mention things I didn't appreciate so far.1. TV needs to be professionally calibrated out of the box. All Included settings are either too red, yellow/brown...soap operish. There are some professional calibrators out there that have started to post their custom settings for the P series in various forums. I have included one by a professional named Z-Mad posted on 'AVS Forum' for the p70 at the bottom of this review. Over all p-series seems to suffer a bit from Red over-saturation that is hard to eliminate without some sacrifice in other areas.2. Remote is almost great and that's why it's a bit frustrating. Why does only one side (keyboard side) light up? Am I missing something? I use my phone flashlight to operate the TV remote at times. Not the most ideal design choice.3. Screen is semi-reflective. I watch mostly in the evenings so it doesn't bother me but If you planning on watching TV during the day in a bright room - get some shades.4. The labeling on the back is confusing. A lot of people connect their TV to an AV Receiver and report no sound. The confusion comes from the fact that there is a HDMI port on a side of the TV that is labeled 4k 60hz BEST.Read more ›

5 out of 5 stars Vizio 4k set that is hard to beat!

I'll keep updating this with both the good and bad of the set:Pros:-Really high image quality and colors-Clean and stylish-Cheap compared to competition-Awesome for video games-Deep blacks from dimmable zones-User interface and remote are awesome -Snappy and pretty interface that works well -Remote is solid and comfortable with well built buttons. No LED but still great-4K is really goodCons:-Sound isn't fantastic (It is good, but not very rich)-Some colors aren't perfect, though with calibration can be good-Pre built settings aren't that greatNeutral:-4k is difficult for a lot of people to see, especially far back from the TV. You only benefit on TVs over about 50 inches and sitting about 5 feet from it.-Not a lot of 4k content (and it isn't a lot different from 1080p)-Not 3D. I mention this because Vizio has done a lot of 3D in recent years and this is their first set in a while without it. i wasn't surprised or caught off guard by this, but a few people are already posting bad reviews because they apparently can't research.If you have a great 1080p television, this probably will not be a tremendous step up in quality. This set is on the cusp of where you get benefits for 4k resolution.4k isn't standard yet, but it will be. It won't be long before almost all televisions made are using it. A lot of articles tell you there isn't a difference between 2160p and 1080p but there is. From about ten feet away someone with sharp eyes will notice a difference, and from about six feet away anyone will notice the higher quality.But don't get too small of a TV.Read more ›

5 out of 5 stars Can not be beat for the price.

This review is going to be about the 65" version (P652UI-B2) of the new Vizio UHD "P" series of which I just picked up from BB. So for full disclosure and fairness, my original intent was to purchase the LG 65" UHD (65UB9500), after a few weeks of back and forth between the two models. However BB didn't have the LG in stock, and no expected date for replenishment, however upon inquiring, they had just received one of the 65" Vizio's in that same day, so I went for it.Let me just say my first impressions are so far I do not regret the decision. The original deciding factor for the LG was the 10-bit color processor over the Vizio's 8-bit, however it was very close otherwise, and I was a bit worried about several reviews of these Vizio's being DOA right out of the box or damaged. Upon opening the box however and to great relief, the unit was perfect.Did a temporary set up as wall mounting will come tomorrow, just to make sure the set powered on, etc.Set-up is pretty straight forward and the tv guides you through setting up inputs and connecting to your wired or wireless home network. The P65 has wireless "ac" capability however I've not yet gotten a ac capable router so I connected the set to the wireless 5ghz band of my router for the time being. The set will also ask what is connected to each input ie; HDMI 1,2, etc and label the input accordingly.After completing set up and a quick scrutinizing check of the screen for dead or stuck pixels, none were found so it was on to getting some initial impressions of picture quality with different sources. As I am certified in ISF calibration I will be updating my impressions after I calibrate the set as well.Read more ›

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