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Sharp AQUOS LC-70LE734U 70" LED-LCD TV LC70LE734U LCD Flat Panel TVs


  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Full HD 1080p X-Gen LCD Panel
  • USB Viewer with Music Player
  • 240Hz Fine Motion Enhanced, Backlight System: Full Array LED
  • Dimensions With Stand - 38.78" x 25.96" x 11.61" (W x H x D), Dimensions Without Stand - 38.78" x 23.80" x 3.46" (W x H x D)

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars Big, Bright, Screen!
This amateur review will be in two parts, the TV first then buying it through Amazon.I read a few online reviews of this TV and all the criticisms were wrong. Some said the sound is poor. It is not surround sound, but from a thin TV it is very robust. I find it more than adequate for everyday viewing. I turn on the surround sound for parties and Blue Ray viewing. Some complain about lag. I say to those people, you prob need to check what is imputing into the TV, because I see no sign of lag. Some complain about the color. This set has spectacular color right out of the box. I see no need to tweak the factory settings. I am particularly amazed by the depth the set produces. Some even complained that the TV has no light sensor. I don't get that as not only does it have one, the default setting actually actively tells you each time it adjusts based on the room light. You can turn it off.This TV has great color and brightness for someone looking to light up a bright room and it's flexible enough to dim it down automatically when it gets dark. My personal opinion is that the color blows away the 65" Plasmas that are competing with it.The second part of this review is about buying it from Amazon venders. You need to understand that they keep rotating on who is selling this set through Amazon. You need to understand that some of these people are one-man operations. They are going to send this to you via freight (only way you can do it) which in my case took ONE MONTH.My strongest points are that this is a great TV, but I advise you to consider buying it from a local store. If it's just a difference of $100, I would take it through local delivery. Time is money.
5 out of 5 stars Excellent Television - Best I have ever Owned.
This TV is simply wonderful!! I love the WiFi - the super clear picture - all the HDMI ports - Gotta love the 240 for the motion. Only little bad is the remote is not laid out real good - but I use my Logitech Harmony - so no big deal.The picture is simply amazing and bright. People ooh and aahh everytime they see this massive tv in my house. Glad Sharp went with a Black Case - my older 60" LED from Sharp had a clear and silver - not fond of that. Splurge and get the best in my opinion.
5 out of 5 stars Sharp LC-70LE734U
Jim B
We bought the Sharp LC-70LE734U at HHGregg (retail store) for $2659 + tax and free delivery. Delivered next day. Set up was simple, connecting it to my home theater system (replacing a Sony 52" XBR4 which went into the bedroom). I cannot rate the sound and the remote control as I don't use them (use Harmoney One and Pioneer 1120-K full time). The picture is nothing short of incredible! We sit approximately nine feet from the TV and with the large screen size we feel totally immersed into the HD experience. The picture is sharp, colors are brilliant and it has the feeling of depth perception. It gives the impression that the actors are real and that you are not viewing a movie. Call me crazy but it is that good!As the TV is only 2 days old, we can't speak to its longevity.Highly recommended so far.
5 out of 5 stars Incredible, Amazing, Value, Well Made
David Tanaka
I have had this wonderful TV for 2 months now and must admit that it is simply incredible. Sharp, with their 10th generation (newest) production facility in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, has done a magnificent job producing a very well calibrated and accurate LED TV.The picture was good out-of-the-box but I used the Disney WOW: World of Wonder calibration disk to tweak the picture on the Sharp LED and sound on the Yamaha AV receiver. The Disney WOW blu-ray disk did wonders for the picture. After calibration my Sharp LED picture was so amazing my friends and family could not believe it. The picture and colors were so sharp it looked 3D without 3D glasses. You'll love the Disney WOW disk.PROS:- The flat-panel is manufactured in Japan (Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture) in Sharp's newest 10th generation plant. It's the world's first LCD panel plant employing 10th-generation glass substrates that can produce cutting-edge large LCD panels. The LCD panel plant is the first facility in the world to adopt 10th-generation glass substrates. Using Sharp's proprietary UV2A*4 photo-alignment technology, the plant is capable of producing high-contrast, energy-efficient panels of 40 inches and larger, marking a new era in large displays.- Energy efficient- Its matte screen and high potential light output make its bright-room picture quality superior to that of large plasmas. It comes with excellent help and support options and built-in Wi-Fi, and consumes less power than plasma models.- Full-array LED backlight but wish it had local dimming- Nice aesthetics, mostly glossy black, with a medium-size bezel, with slightly rounded-off corners- The Aquos illuminated caret logo in the bottom center can be turned off- Thin 3.Read more ›
4 out of 5 stars Nice!
I bought this TV a few weeks ago from Costco...TV works great. The internet options aren't the easiest to figure out and use, but the picture is superb! I now watch everything in HD, there is nothing like it. I actually think my basement area is too small for the size of this TV, but its worth the money! I am having some difficulty hooking up my surround sound with the TV and the instructions aren't that clear. I may need a different cord or something, haven't figured it out yet. It reminds me of old Martin Lawerence tv episode, when he bought the Hasitashi 1000...This TV is the same! LOL

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