Shop Samsung B350 Series S20B350H 20-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor




  • Breakthrough picture quality with LED technology
  • Watch full 1080p video via HDMI
  • Ultra slim design

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars great monitor
Gabor Toth
My son built a computer, and he selected this monitor for gaming. The image is sharp, the colors are bright, the computer animations look fantastic.
5 out of 5 stars Very good!
Thai An Pham
It was easy to set up, and the resolution is really good. Worth the $130 spent on it. My husband enjoys playing his computer game on the big screen.
5 out of 5 stars Nice monitor
T Kaz
We purchased this recently to replace our tube monitor (we have a laptop and lcd tv so are familiar with them) and we love it.No dead pixels, full diag' 20" viewing, great display color , easy set up, on screen display adjustments (if you install the software. No contrast set just bright and color) I believe its only 720 hd, which to me is fine for such a condensed screen.The screen tilts slightly to adjust up or down, doesnt appear too just looking, but it does.I find the stand stable unless youre really bumping the desk (not an issue for us). The unit is very light in weight.Hdmi set up easy (cables stick out horizontal from its back), comes with vga wire for other option, have not used. No speakers as in description. (If you use hdmi just go in your pc control panel thru' start and set your default to pc speakers in sound area.)Its a nice size for those who want hd but not huge and yet a bit larger then laptop.You can view it from some varying angles with very little degradation but too much of a relocation of view and you will have to move it a bit. (ive seen much worse.)The red edge and base is not very red unless in direct light or sun. In low light it appears black, but the base pedestial holder to screen, is clear sorta diff' retro to me.Its very thin due to being LED and the cord is external with one of those blocks halfway up it, like laptop.No complaints so far and Im very picky. We arent doing business on this or artwork, tho' my husband does photography on ocas and is an artist so he has a very picky eye. I think we could if we want.I recc'd it :) Will repost if issues.Read more ›
5 out of 5 stars I don't usually leave reviews unless something really sucks...
Robert Jackson
This monitor is great! Super lightweight! When I got this box I also had a couple other things on order and didn't think that my monitor came. I was very surprised when I opened it and found my monitor inside. It was so light weight that I felt like I was going to break it. I would probably say that this was a con if I had to carry it any where.I also bought this in a hurry and thought that it was LCD (Because of the price) I am very happy to see that it is in fact a LED monitor.Thank you Samsung for making amazing products!
5 out of 5 stars Excellent for the price
Purchases several for use in photo/video editing and office applications in a Mac environment. Quality, support, and display consistency have been excellent all around.
5 out of 5 stars Great looking monitor
Hank Miller
Have it hooked up to a new Mac Mini via HDMI. The image on the screen looks great!The monitor itself has a nice appearance to it as well--looks good on the desk.
5 out of 5 stars This is one excellent monitor.
Scott Solomon
This monitor has amazing picture quality and colors. I bought it used here on Amazon for $100 and when it arrived it looked every bit brand new. Very easy to hook up. I like the fact it has an hdmi input. The magic angle is a very nice feature as well. Samsung is know for producing great quality and this monitor qualifies.
5 out of 5 stars A Great Monitor!
Bought this for my nephew who build his own computer. Says it works fine. We like the Samsung products in general.

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