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Future proof your home entertainment now with the oCOSMO CE4001, a super slim designed 40" LED TV! Enter a world of HD picture quality that's crisp, clear, and with incredible detail. Dazzling viewers with rich vibrant colors, this TV supports the latest connectivity including one HDMI port with ROKUTM and MHLTM support! With the combination of friendly service and brilliant picture quality, this oCOSMO LED TV is the perfect addition to your home.


  • Sleek & Slim 40" LED 1080P HDTV
  • 3 x HDMI Port, MHL Port, USB Port
  • 60 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Wall mountable 200 x 200 VESA Standard

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars Incredible value. Though at what price.
M. Tremper
I just ordered this because of the obscenely low price ($278) compared to other TV's in this class. Like others I was very skeptical considering it was so cheap and from a brand I or anyone else had ever heard of. I considered if I didn't like it I can just return it, the price makes that risk worth it. The actual quality of TV blew me away. Before configuration the picture looks comparable to $800 screens of different brands. Blacks are black and colors are vivid. The system menu is very easy to use and attractive. The build quality is a little cheap but you get what you paid for. I've not noticed any dead pixels. Like other reviews have said the speakers are pretty crummy. I'd recommend getting a sound bar or a receiver to pipe audio out of instead. The reason it gets 3 stars instead of 5 is because it didn't come with a remote, joint to fasten the stand to the monitor, or any of the manuals or warranty information. The only things in the box were the monitor, stand, and power cable. I'm assuming this is an error on packaging's part and have written to customer support. Depending on how they get back to me may consider how I change my rating for better or worse. Till then I've got it built up on some books and controlling it with a universal remote after finding the manual on their website. I highly recommend this TV for someone looking for a basic LED HDTV without the smart tv bells and whistles and price. If future buyers also find parts missing out of the box you may want to steer clear unless you plan to wall mount it and use a different remote in which case you probably don't care.TL;DR: It's a great TV worth more than what they're asking. Audio is nothing to get excited for so you may want a soundbar. I had an issue with not enough parts included but everything is fine now.Read more ›
5 out of 5 stars Great TV for a Great Price
Master Yoda
This TV is pretty good for the price.What this TV comes with:1080p 60HZ TV ScreenEasy to put together standInstruction manualQuick start guideRemote control with batteries included (AAA)Screw driver to attach the standPinkish screen cleaning clothConnections This TV has:1. Coaxial (Screw type connection)2. Audio In (3.5mm jack used for when you want PC audio)3. VGA Port (Connection used to connect a PC so the TV can be used as a PC Monitor)4. Composite (Connection that uses Yellow cable for Video and Red and White cables for audio)5. Component (Video connection that uses Red, Blue and Green cables)6. 2 HDMI Ports7. 1 HDMI/MHL/Roku Port (Standard HDMI port that also supports hooking up your cellphone and the TV will display what is on your phone as well as recharge your phone. Also supports the Roku Streaming stick.)8. SPDIF (Used for sending out digital audio signals to digital surround receivers.9. Analog Audio Out (Used for connecting to analog audio receivers)10. Headphone (To attach headphones to the TV)11. USB (Mostly useless.)----USB Supports-2 GB Fat32 and Fat16 flash drivesJPEG Pictures (Baseline not supported)MP3 Files (32-48k hz at 32-320Kbps)Video and Audio Settings.The TV includes just basic Video and Audio settings (with some advanced) that you find on most new TVs both cheap and expensive.Video:Various Video ModesBrightnessContrastColorTintSharpnessAdvanced:Dynamic ContrastFilm ModeNoise and Mpeg noise reductionPlus a series of Aspect Ratio settings.Read more ›
5 out of 5 stars Excellent TV for the Money!
I received my oCosmo 40" LED TV a couple of days ago. Hooked up the TV today. Outstanding picture! I did not expect this quality from a low cost TV. Sound is pretty good. When you set up the TV, go to "Audio" section and manually set the bass level to +8, and the treble to +3. This seems to be the best sound setting for this TV. Overall, I am very pleased with this TV. I would highly recommend this purchase!!!
5 out of 5 stars This TV really turns me on!
Easy to set up Crystal clear picture light weight I was skeptical about this tv thinking you can't get quality for such a low price this tv is better than I've seen at 4 times the price. You won't be sorry if you are thinking of buying one buy it.40 inch LCD TV for less than three hundred dollars sounds kind of like junk but it is not at all junk.
2 out of 5 stars Okay for generic TV uses, not for gaming or PCs.
Jarred J. Ibarra
It's okay. First and foremost, it's okay. Do not let this deter you from getting this TV. For the price you pay, it's a lot of value and should be treated as such. 90% of the people 90% of the time will look favorably on this TV, not because of how amazing it is, but for how amazing it is for the money you paid. Don't deny it, the reason you're reading these reviews is because you know there MUST be something wrong with this TV for it to be so big and relatively cheap, but you want to know if these yet known flaws outweigh your desire for a big cheap TV or keep you from enjoying it later down the road as your use of it evolves.It's a great TV. Not just for the money, but in general, it is a great TV for the sake of TV. Assuming of course all your delivered content is at 24 frames per second. You can stop reading and buy it now.You want to know more about what is so good about it? Fine, I'll divulge a bit.It has tons of connections. More than I honestly need and will use. It even has VGA so you can use a older PC with it. I'm using Radeon graphics (HD 7870) and have this television hooked up through the HDMI and didn't have to do much at all to get the picture correct and clear, so the connections work well. I've had other (older) LCD TVs require me to dig deep into their settings before I could get them to recognize and display the PC output correctly. I'm not sure how most newer TVs handle that, but this one does it automatically and great. Just be sure to set the Picture setting to "Full 100%" display mode and the picture will fill the screen properly.The stand works properly and allows the TV to pivot so you can get behind it to connect more things. I love that. The power cord is adequately long. Unlike a few reviewers, all of my HDMI ports work.Read more ›

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