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Enjoy widescreen performance, any way you want it. With a 24" 16:10 panel, IPS technology and LED backlight, the U2412HM provides a brilliant view, plus amazing adjustability to suit any style. Your monitor, your style. The ultimate in flexibility and customizability, the U2412HM monitor can be adjusted to suit your workspace, tailored to suit your viewing preferences, and with its wide viewing angle, it can be viewed from almost any position. Designed with the environment in mind. Your workspace isn't the only environment that can benefit from the U2412HM.


  • Powerful: Experience IPS technology, featuring a wide viewing angle with high-quality color representation for a peerless viewing experience.
  • Flexible: Pick the view that works best for you with an almost unlimited range of tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustments.
  • Customizable: Change your energy usage settings, text brightness and color temperature with the touch of a button to help conserve energy with this eco-designed arsenic-free and mercury-free panel.
  • AdjustabilityHeight-adjustable stand, tilt, swivel, pivot and built in cable-management.Flat Panel Mount InterfaceVESA Mount

Customer Reviews

4 out of 5 stars Great monitor for those looking for something better
S. Jentsch
When you do a search for a 24" monitor, and you find dozens available in the $150-$200 price range, why in the world would anyone consider this monitor when it costs about twice as much? If you're just looking for a monitor that delivers basic performance, you wouldn't. But if you're looking for a monitor that will deliver a great picture, provide lots of desktop space for your programs, and backed with a great warranty, then you should definitely consider this monitor!There are plenty of bullet point reasons to consider when comparing monitors:- Most monitors made today are 1920x1080. This one is 1920x1200. Those extra 120 pixels can make a difference depending on what you are working on. Imagine the difference between viewing a PDF file a full page at a time instead of having to scroll. Imagine being able to see more of that photo of your kids that you're working on. More vertical height means that you can see more E-Mails at once, and less scrolling when reading web pages.- Most cheap monitors are made with lesser quality TN LCD panels instead of higher quality IPS panels. This Dell UltraSharp has an IPS panel that delivers great color without oversaturation and its viewing angles are very good. With TN, you get color shifts depending on how you're looking at your monitor (especially vertically). Not so with IPS. While not capable of the wide gamut that the U2410 can deliver, that feature is only needed if you are editing files in the Adobe RGB color space. If you don't know what that is, you don't need it because you aren't using it. The more common sRGB color space is supported on this monitor, which is what most people would want to use.- Most cheap monitors do not have height adjustments.Read more ›
5 out of 5 stars Best IPS monitor in this price range
Jordan Grosz
First off, please ignore all the comments about not for photography or it lacks the full color spectrum and all the complaints about the anti-glare coating. I will say right off the bat that yes you can see the coating but really only if your screen is showing pure white. It isn't as bad as most people say though. I like to call it the "Twilight Effect(tm)", it is a small rainbow shimmer that appears when your monitor is showing bright colors. It's not a strong shimmer and really only shows if you are up really close and are shifting viewing angles. However this coating does do a wonderful job at preventing any sort of reflections or shine even in super bright light which for me is a way better trade off because if you get glare it is going to be way more obvious and disruptive then a little "Twilight Effect(tm)" on your screen. If you're ever in a room with windows, in an office with bright lights, or even if you're ever mobile then glare will be far more of an issue than this shimmer will be. However if you're a graphics guy or something similar and never plan to have your monitor see the light of day in fear that it will melt under the bright sun rays (in true vampire style)then sure go get yourself one of those super shiny glass covered Apple displays.As for all the ""Professional Photographers" that keep complaining about the color spectrum of this monitor, I must ask you why you are looking at an entry level budget IPS panel for you exactly matched color spectrum? You seriously think you are going to have a $300 monitor that will be able to display photos taken with your $3,000 lens. You're just looking in the completely wrong place with this one.Read more ›
4 out of 5 stars great monitor for video editing workflow
I'm a photographer making the transition to video capture and editing (which will be my primary workflow). I shoot with Canon and exclusively use older Zeiss lenses. I process on a 2010 15" Macbook Pro duo-core i7 processor with 8gb ram. I recently purchased a Spyder 4PRO color calibrator for monitor calibration.I'm not a video gamer, so monitor response time is not that much of a concern (if you primarily game, save $150 and buy a TN panel).Okay, with all that in mind:I researched monitors for a month prior to my purchase and decided that, regardless of the money, an IPS panel was critical for color gamut and angle of view. Of the IPS panels, Dell had the winning combination of video performance as well as physical ergonomics within a $500 budget. It became a question of the U2412 ($300 on Amazon) and the U2410 ($500 on Amazon):Both monitors had a well-built feel. They had heavy, solid bases that prevented tipping within reason. The menus were intuitive and easy to navigate.It wasn't until I calibrated the color with the Spyder 4PRO that I noticed a potential problem for photographers using the U2412. The Spyder 4PRO is such a dream to use in this system configuration, and will actually show you how your monitor's color gamut compares within SRGB, NTSC, and ADOBE RGB color spaces.THE U2412 FALLS JUST SHORT OF AN SRGB COLOR SPACE, AND IS ONLY 77% OF AN ADOBE RGB COLOR SPACE. If you want the option of viewing your images in an ADOBE RGB colorspace, the U2410 is capable of that color gamut - not the U2412.The U2412 is a stellar in the image department, showing as much subtle mid-tone as my camera can capture. I will, however, note that blacks could be just a touch deeper.Read more ›

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