Samsung UN46F7500 46-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV Quad core Processor


Samsung 46-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV Whether it's your voice or a simple hand gesture, with the new Ultra-Slim Samsung Smart TV F7500, controlling your TV is easier than ever before. You can talk to your TV in more natural ways such as asking, "What action movies are on", or you can perform all the basic commands such as "record", "last channel" and "turn on". You can also use hand gestures to browse the new intuitive Smart Hub, a central, easy-to-navigate hub of all your favorite content. You can even use gestures to use apps, play games and more. Samsung has also made it easier to keep up with the latest technology. The new Smart Evolution Kit updates your TV with new software, so you can keep enjoying new features without having to get a new TV. Discover how the new F7500 can keep up with both you, and the ever-changing world of technology.

Smart TV
The Samsung Smart TV finds the movies and TV shows you like - and more. Speak into the mic on the Smart Touch Remote to
get TV recommendations. Use gestures to swipe and navigate within the 5 Smart Hub content panels. Easily discover movies, shows, and social posts with less searching and more watching.
AllShare Allows your TV to wirelessly access and stream content from any compatible device, like a PC or mobile device. Share
movies, photos, and music all through a single device: your TV. And with cloud technology, you can access and even share content away from home.

Smart Interaction
Control your TV with hand gestures and voice commands spoken into the Smart Touch Remot Control. Use S-Recommendation with Voice Interaction to ask your TV to find things to watch and get program suggestions.
Smart Hub
Our new interface organizes your entertainment and content into 5 convenient panels: On TV, Movies and TV Shows, Social, Apps, and a panel for your Photos, Videos and Music.

Smart Touch Remote
The Smart Touch Remote Control features an innovative touch pad and built-in microphone allowing you to easily interact with your Smart TV. Quad Core Processor
Explore and multitask faster with our Quad Core Processor. This extra power gives you faster web browsing, smoother interaction and allows you to switch between content even faster than before.

Built-in WiFi
Enhance the connectivity capabilities of your TV with Built-in WiFi.
Built-in Pop-up Camera
The built-in camera is hidden within the top of the bezel and disabled when not in use. The built-in camera pops up
when slight pressure is applied and needs to be turned on to use.

Full Web Browser
All the benefits of full web browsing, right on your TV. From social sites like Facebook and Twitter to news, weather, entertainment, blogs and more. Discover even more content possibilities with your Smart TV.

Smart Evolution
The Smart Evolution Port allows you to update your Smart TV in the future. The Smart Evolution Kit* plugs into the back of your TV and updates it with new software and technology that will improve your TV performance - faster speed, more content, more features.

Clear Motion Rate 960
A Clear Motion Rate of 960 is the ultimate level of motion-clarity for Samsung LED TVs. LED TVs with this CMR can display action-packed movement with superior sharpness, clarity and contrast. Clear Motion Rate was developed to accurately measure how well an LCD or LED TV can depict fast-moving images. Previously, motion-clarity was calculated by the frame refresh rate alone. But CMR offers a more complete measure by calculating 3 factors: frame refresh rate, image processor speed and backlight technology.

Micro Dimming Pro
Displays a picture that is as true-to-life as possible by
maximizing the contrast between light and dark. Our
innovative technology scans zones across the image and adjusts brightness to deliver deeper, darker tones and brighter whites. It also eliminates the "halo" effect and any kind of image distortion that can happen with diffused lights.

Samsung Active 3D
Enjoy stunning Full HD 1080p in both 2D and 3D modes. With Samsung's 3D converter, turn 2D viewing into 3D for an amazing cinematic experience.

Ultra Clear Panel
Ultra Clear Panel absorbs most ambient light and virtually eliminates reflections. Ultra Clear Panel also helps make colors more vibrant with deeper blacks and enhanced contrast for crisper images and excellent shadow detail.

The innovative design exudes an air of sophistication that adds elegance to any home. Its crisp metal finish stand gives it a truly distinctive touch that gives off a feeling of minimalism. The meticulous attention to detail ends in a work of art that complements any room.                                                                                         
Energy Star
ENERGY STAR qualified products meet strict energy efficiency specifications set by the government. This Samsung TV not only meets ENERGY STAR requirements; it exceeds them.
*Smart Evolution Kit sold separately What's Included:
UN46F7500 46-Inch Ultra Slim 3D Smart LED HDTV, Smart Touch Remote, 4 Pairs of 3D Active Glasses, and Documentation

F7500 Series Specifications
Samsung LED TV Comparison Chart

Series F8000 F7500 F7100 F6400 F6300 FH6030 F5500 F5000 F4000 Sizes (inches) 46, 55, 60, 65, 75
46, 55, 60
46, 55, 60, 65, 75
40, 46, 50, 55, 60, 65, 75
32, 40, 46, 50, 55, 60, 65 40, 46, 55 32, 40, 46, 50 22, 32, 40, 46, 50 19, 29
Resolution Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p HD 720p
CMR 1200 960 720 480 240 240 120 120 120 Samsung Active Full HD 3D

Micro Dimming
Ultimate + Precision Black Pro Standard Standard

Smart TV 2.0
Smart Interaction 2.0
Processor Quad Core
Quad Core Dual Core Dual Core Dual Core
Dual Core

Smart Evolution
AllShare Play
SoundShare Wi-Fi Built-in
ConnectShare Movie Built-in Camera

HDMI/USB 4/3 4/3 4/3 4/3 4/3 2/1 3/2 2/1 2/1 Remote Control
Smart Touch
Smart Touch Smart Touch Smart Touch Universal Universal Universal Universal Universal Wireless Keyboard Compatible


  • 1080p HDTV with Micro Dimming: Best picture quality
  • 240Hz Refresh Rate: Best for general viewing, video games, action movies, and sports
  • Smart TV with Gesture Controls and a Built in Camera: Interact with streaming content and the web
  • Thin LED Design TV
  • Thin LED Design: TV without stand (Width x Height x Depth): 40.9'' x 23.8'' x 1.4'', TV with stand (Width x Height x Depth): 40.9'' x 26.8'' x 12.1''
  • 1080p HDTV with Micro Dimming: Best picture quality
  • 240Hz Refresh Rate: Best for general viewing, video games, action movies, and sports

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Great TV

Samsung never fails. The previous model had outstanding picture quality and I didn't know how they can further improve it. First let's look at the dimensions, the previous model (UN55ES7500) is 48.8-Inch x 28.7-Inch x 1.2-Inch this one is 48.4 X 27.6 X 1.4 Inches without the stand. Surprisingly Samsung didn't make the TV slimmer actually it added 0.2 inches in thickness but it decreased the frame size to compensate for it. The TV was securely packed in a large box and it seemed to be very well protected so don't worry about buying this TV online. I tested this TV by watching a blu-ray disc, a dvd and playing Black Ops II on it. The blu-ray movie I watched was 300. I've watched this movie at least 15 times before but watching it on this TV was a different experience. I was looking for any flaw in the TV but couldn't find one, the colors were so rich and bright and shades were clearly distinguishable. This TV combined with a blu ray movie is enough to make people working for movie theaters go out of business, it is this good. The second movie I watched was dvd quality, I did this because blu ray looks good on any tv so I had to be sure. The movie I watched was Monster Inc and mike have never looked greener, the picture quality was good and the colors were vibrant. The last thing I tried on this tv was playing Call of Duty with my younger brother, this would allow me to test the sound of the TV. We played multiplayer split screen which means that the screen is divided into an upper part and a lower part, usually this interferes with the gaming experience but the tv's screen was large enough for us not to notice it. The sound of the tv was really good but it needed a subwoofer for additional bass, I would recommend a Polk Audio subwoofer if you want your system to be complete.Read more ›

2 out of 5 stars Picture good -- firmware not so much
Alex Neihaus

I upgraded to the UN60F7500 from a six-year-old Sharp 46" LCD. So you can imagine how much better (and bigger) the picture looks. Yes, it's great though I am not sure how much of it is due to my eyes adjusting to a much bigger screen and how much of it is just the progress of the technology.Still, there are somethings I take issue with.1). Out of the box the motion compensation and color balance tend to make things look extraordinarily artificial -- but in a an attractive way. That is, if you don't mind your TV looking like it's not real, you're all set with the defaults. I set the TV to some recommendations I found in the UN60F7500 forum on and things look much better to me.2). Even after an upgrade, the TV occasionally crashes and reboots. That's a change for me from the Sharp which was just an appliance. The firmware is buggy. For example, when set to power on and power off my FiOS STB, it will only power it on.3). The remote is, in a word, awful. It has Bluetooth lag. It doesn't allow basic channel jumping without a complex sequence of strokes. It requires too many different presses to do simple things. The sensor strips at the top and sides are both too sensitive and not sensitive enough. Give me back my 2007 Sharp button-filled remote!4). I miss a printed, complete user manual. The online "E-manual" is insufficient. Feature details are missing and illogically explained. Samsung documentation ranges from stilted US English to incomprehensible.5). If your viewing position is below about the midpoint of the screen, you can forget using the camera. It pops up to be flush with the top bezel. It's not possible to tilt it down.All in all, it's a very nice upgrade.Read more ›

5 out of 5 stars Terrific TV (won't be beat until 4k & OLED come out)
Evo Owner

This is fantastic TV with a great picture, snappy fast menus, and a very low profile look. I'm sure that you can read about the detailed features in the description, so I'll just mention what mattered to me when deciding:When comparing the F7500 to the 8000 (1 model up) and the 7100 (1 model down), there are just a few features that change (e.g. blur reduction, micro dimming, webcam). Frankly, you can't tell the difference in picture without a side-by-side comparison and some really keen eyes & the webcam isn't useful enough to change anyone's mind. The deciding feature for me was the faster quad-core chip and the Smart Evolution kit compatibility. In short, the menus on the 7500 and 8000 are just faster. Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and especially Plex all load and play faster with the faster chip than on the lower models. Also, this chip only upgradeable ($200 extra kit later) on the 7500 and 8000. That means the top two models will be faster longer; the 7100 and below will not be able to be upgraded. Truthfully, I think Samsung is completely aware that the 7100 or even the 6300 are as good picture-wise as the upper end TVs, so they put in a slower chip and locked down the upgrade ability to force you into the higher end model. That was the case for me anyway.All in all, it's a great TV and I'm very happy with my purchase.Pair it together with a Sanus LL11-B1 mount from Crutchfield for a terrific low-profile that puts the screen <1" from the wall.Pros:-Some useful SmartTV apps especially Plex, Netflix, Hulu+, and Pandora. If you don't know what Plex is, Google it immediately. It's basically a free Roku in your TV for playing your own music, movies, and pictures. Amazing!Read more ›

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