Get Toshiba 40L2400U 40-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV


The L2400U Series LED HD TV series blends a modern design, elegant gun metal finish and a sleek stand, with incredible quality and value. The slim L2400U TV features an energy-efficient LED backlight. Equipped with 1080p Full HD resolution in all sizes, the L2400U series delivers a rich and vibrant picture with vivid brightness and sharp contrast. Clear Scan 120Hz technology doubles the refresh rate for clearer fast-motion video-perfect for delivering great action scenes for sports lovers and movie fans. The L2400U series is available in a variety of popular sizes including 32”, 40” and 50”-with technologies geared for gaming and entertainment, plus DTS for immersive surround sound.


  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz (Native); ClearScan 120 (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED (Edge-lit)
  • Smart Functionality: No
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 36.5'' x 21.6" x 2.7'', TV with stand: 36.5'' x 23.1'' x 7.6''
  • Inputs: 2 HDMI, 1 USB Video, 1 Composite, 1 Component
  • Accessories Included: Standard remote

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Gamer Review - No Smart TV Features, No Problem

I'm a gamer. I have an Xbox One. I use it to (obviously) play games, watch Netflix and YouTube, listen to music, and even browse the Internet occasionally. And if I had a PS4, I know it would offer many of those same features.It's for this reason (because I own an console that already does everything) that I DO NOT want a more expensive Smart TV with a bunch of built-in apps that I don't care about. Instead, I simply want a basic, reasonably priced, high-quality LED on which my Xbox One interface will look great. And this TV... it delivers. It is a 'stupid' as they come when it comes to LED TVs and that makes me very happy.Additionally, newer Toshiba TVs have an excellently responsive Game Mode. Just go look over on the Input Lag database (search Input Lag Database on Google) and you'll see that Toshiba offers some great options. This TV isn't in the database yet, but I decided to go ahead and gamble and buy it anyway... and after a couple of days worth of TitanFall I'm confident that this TV is super-speedy for gaming. My daughter watched Frozen with the Movie Mode turned on and it looked great too, but honestly, like I said, this is a gamer review, so there's probably somebody else out there more qualified at telling you if the 120 HZ ClearMotion is quality enough for movie buffs.So yeah, if 1) you want a pretty big TV on which to play games, 2) you're like me and see no need to double-dip by having both Smart TV and Xbox One apps that literally do the exact same thing, and 3) you're on a budget, then this TV is a GREAT choice.

5 out of 5 stars Great No Frills LED TV

If you are shopping for a TV but don't need all the bells and whistles that come with a smart TV, then i highly recommend this unit. It is a very attractive unit - slim and stylish. Best of all is the picture! So clear and bright. Definitely worth looking at when shopping for a reasonably priced LED TV.

5 out of 5 stars Awesome TV for PS3 and PS4!
Jay Man

I was specially looking for a non-smart TV just for gaming and I picked this one. There seems to be a few problems with Samsung Smart TV's freezing up and I did not need that option anyway. If you are looking for a smart TV, I would recommend buying a Roku with this TV. You can't go wrong for the price since it is a 1080 TV. Also this is not a true 120hz TV, only in cinema mode and I did not see any difference in gaming and I am not using gaming mode since this TV seems fast enough. This TV is also a gloss finish which makes the picture more crisp! Once thing I noticed playing Battlefield 4 on my new Samsung and LG TV, that there is a certain map that has a cave and I can actually see with the Toshiba inside the cave and the LG and Samsung I could not, so I always hated playing that map till nowThe colors are nice and crisp and there is no delay in the response time with the controller. I am using a HDMI connection and did a few adjustments on the colors from a previous review someone did. Amazon can't seem to keep this TV in stock, so I had to buy it from a different dealer. The only thing I did add was buy a Philips CSS2123B/F7 SoundBar Home Cinema Speakers for added gaming experience, otherwise it sounds pretty good with the built in speakers. The TV is also very light and can be easily moved around and it also has a VESA mount for mounting on the wall.Update 7/6/2014 - The TV is used constantly for PS3 and I liked to so much I bought a 2nd one for my PS4! I just took the default settings on both TV's. The only problem that I found out when I have both TV's right next to each other one remote controls them both.Read more ›

5 out of 5 stars Great tv

Bought two of these not off Amazon. One had major bleeding issues during dark scenes. Looked horrible. Exchanged it for same model. All is good.1080 looks awesome in my bedroom. The tv is 60hz with basically an enhancer that clocks refresh at 120 but you only can 'enable' that by putting it in Cinema mode. Basketball looked no different in Cinema mode than it did with Cinema mode turned off.Spend some time tinkering with the picture settings. After a while I got things looking amazing. I keep backlight at 30 and brightness at 20. Contrast at 60. Noise reduction off. Color at 30. Tint 0, Sharpness at 5 and didn't even bother messing with color hues and such. Temperature is medium and picture mode Standard.2 hdmi is enough for me. Sound is great. Plenty loud. Easy setup. Aluminium-ish stand and bottom frame look really nice. Satisfied.

5 out of 5 stars Yet another vanity purchase
Senjiwe Al-Muhadinis

I finally disposed of my circa 1985 TV, with some regret as I still had it connected to my same vintage Denon stereo system, and vcr and dvd player. The Vanity comes in as all the other electronics in the cabinet were "gun metal" and I did not want a black bezel on the tv. Searching for maximum size and gun metal resulted in this HDTV. The bonus is is that it has a great picture (after following suggestion from an earlier reviewer) and the sound is acceptable. I wanted a plain HDTV as I won a Roku 3 and luckily we have over the air digital signals for the local channels. I assembled it, set it up, attached the Roku and life is excellent on the bedroom tv watching spectrum. Regarding the other reviewer's statement about the instability of the stand, if you screw it into the TV stand, and/or apply a strap to the provided rear hook, as Toshiba states to complete the installation with the stand, no problems with tipping. I live in earthquake territory and all appliances get locked down.So if you want a "vanilla" HDTV of decent size you can't go wrong with this purchase.

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