Get QFX 22 Inch LED TV WITH DVD Player


22 Inch QuantumFX 12 Volt AC/DC Widescreen LED 1080p HDTV ATSC Digital Tuner w/ DVD TV-LED 22 SERIES Model: TV-LED2212D


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2 out of 5 stars Good Sharp Picture but DVD player failed
J. Scott
I purchased this QFX 22" 12 volt TV here for $199.99 after shopping around on the net and wanted to replace a 19" DVD combo LED TV that came with my RV. Took a chance since it was priced $30 less then other QuantumFX 22" LED TV. When comparing to my 2 year old 19" LED TV this QFX has a much brighter and sharper picture so I'm very happy. DVD players in some 12 volt TV's can have be poor picture but noticed right away the picture with a DVD is sharp and at 1080...not 4:8 like the 19" one I'm removing. White color has very little blueish tint which means a good LED screen where again my 19" fails and has a blueish look to white colors. Lost a Star for audio and could have better sound. Audio is loud enough to hear the TV over a noisy RV AC unit, generator, etc but is tinny like a soup can speaker. It does have a equalizer in the Menu settings which lowering some hi freq adjustments helped some. I'll be using this TV for the next month keeping it on 24-7 so will be a good electronics test. Will come back and update review if any issues pop up. Comes with 110AC cord and a 12 volt cigarette lighter male type connector.Update: RETURNING after 3 uses. DVD player does not function properly and freezes during play even with a brand new DVD movie. TV screen has 3 small bluish white dots that never go away. Bad pixels.Update 11-10-13: Amazon sent a replacement and so far all is good. Used on two 3 day trips and no issues.

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