Buy TCL LE32HDE5200 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED Internet HDTV with 2-Year Limited Warranty (Black)


TCL LE32HDE5200 32-Inch 720p 60 Hz LED Internet HDTV with 2-Year Warranty. Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with the super slim TCL 32-Inch 720p 60-Hz LED HDTV. This LED television offers ample HD connections, connects to the internet to access Netflix & YouTube, and has high-definition picture quality with incredible contrast and vibrancy. Includes Wi-Fi or wired connection. Whether you're hosting movie night, cheering on a favorite team, or sharing your latest vacation photos, you'll love how this high-definition LED television brings your media to life.


  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility for More Entertainment Options
  • Access to Netflix and YouTube via Wi-Fi or wired Internet connection
  • Numerous Inputs and Outputs
  • Enhanced sound and picture quality
  • Channel labeling and sleep timer for ease of use

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Great little Internet TV
Amy Gallacher
This television has been great so far! The colors are vibrant, the sound is loud and resonant, and the Smart TV features are few but exactly what we wanted. It's a perfect size for our bedroom, too. My husband and I had been looking for something to replace our 27" CRT TV, and decided to take a bit of a leap on this TV. It had no reviews, but the similar non-internet model has high ratings, so we decided to give it a try. When we got the TV, we found that it came with a very nice glass stand. It has Youtube and Netflix setups, and they're very easy to control with the remote. So far, buffering time with either is VERY short to non-existent (that could just be our high-speed internet, though). We haven't really tried to use the sharing function yet.All in all, a great TV for the sale price we got it for. I didn't think we'd be able to get a TV with wifi for under $500, much less one that works so nicely.
5 out of 5 stars crystal picture
Jing Huo
The product is great by any standard. Crystal picture, simple yet useful apps. and price is so attractive that you could not refuse it. Loving it.
1 out of 5 stars Warranty? Hardly.
Amazon Customer
Update: It is November 7, 2012: Our TV has been at the 'repair shop' (warehouse? Garbage dump?) now since the first of August 6, 2012. That makes it 3 months.In talking to my husband last night he said "I bet the reason these TV's are so inexpensive is they bought up all the discontinued parts sitting around in China, assembled the TV's and sold them dirt cheap." So what if they break? They are disposable! Trouble is they don't inform the customers that they are throw-aways. Instead they talk about their warranty! And their Customer Service!!!. The disposable TV theory makes sense to me particularly given the treatment we have gotten. I am putting this review on EVERY TCL TV even though we only bought the 42 inch version.In looking at other reviews (and not just on Amazon) TCL has this same ho-hum attitude about customer service for ALL of their TV's. I promise to eat crow if we ever see that TV again, but I don't think I'll be burping feathers any time soon. I would bet money we will never see that TV again. I'd appreciate any comments where people have had satisfactory customer service - it might restore my faith that I will see that TV on the front porch in the next couple of years.----------------------------------My original review written in October still stands:When we set it up, we were very happy with the picture quality, there were a few dead pixels, but that doesn't show up much and we weren't concerned. But the whole panel died after only 6 months. We aren't big TV watchers either. The thing was on less than 5 hours a week.So we contacted TCL (after several tries to get them on the phone), they gave us the number of the repair shop we were to send this TV to. After several tries, I got them on the phone.Read more ›
5 out of 5 stars Feature Packed for the Dollar
P. Gruden
I purchased this TV as a cheap option to put in a spare bedroom where I have exercise equipment. The picture on this set is quite good, I would put it on par with my 32" Sony KV series LCD. There are a TON of inputs on this set. If you can think of it, this set probably has it. There are 4 HDMI inputs, which means most people shouldn't have much trouble getting all of their gear hooked up.The look of the TV (outer frame and stand) is quite slick looking. If people didn't know any better I think this could fool them into thinking it was a more expensive set. The remote control on this TV is quite large. This might be good for some people who tend to misplace their remote from time to time. It (the remote) is not backlit, but the design is fairly intuitive so most users should be able to get the hang of it rather quickly.For the "Smart" portion of this TV, I have only tried using it with Netflix, which seems to work as well as it does on the Xbox or Roku. My only complaint about Netflix is that I can't seem to find a way to stop a program without turning the TV off. Pause works fine, but if you wanted to stop and flip to a different input I have not had success. Simply turning the TV off and On will solve this problem, but Netflix will lose your place in the program you are watching. So far, as of right now Netflix is the only service offered, but I can imagine this could change in the future with a firmware update (if TCL so desired)This TV comes with a USB wireless network adapter for those that do not have the ability to hook it up directly to a Cat 5 cable. I can not comment on the speed of this wireless adapter as I am using wired with this set currently.The TV was shipped from Amazon in a retail box, but there really was no security with this box.Read more ›
5 out of 5 stars Absolutely unbeatable value!
Benjamin T. Paric
2/16/2013This is a Day Two review. I will amend this review at one month, six months, and one year (assuming the TV survives--fingers crossed!) with updates as to the TV's performance, backlight and electrical issues, et cetera. The TV arrived in what I imagine was the condition intended by the manufacturer--the box was beat to hell, but the TV was snug and scratchless safe inside.TCL LE40FHDE5200This is a TCL model 40-inch Full HD television with a full-dimming edge-LED backlight (that's the cheaper kind, but bear with me). TCL, by the way, is an eastern manufacturer of electronics and happens to be the biggest producer of televisions in China. Their products are cheap, but their components aren't--assuming they've been put together correctly, these TVs will happily serve you better and longer than a Coby or Westinghouse at a similar price (and in a few cases, better than a Toshiba or Samsung at twice the price!).BUILDThis television actually looks quite good--you wouldn't think they'd throw so much money at the design. The whole thing's plastic with a brushed aluminum finish and chrome accents, with a thick(ish) bezel around the top and sides and a thicker(ish) one on the bottom. The bezel seems smaller in real life than it does in Amazon's computer rendering, actually. The support and stand is glass, and it takes a little muscle to get them screwed together, if I'm being perfectly honest. The mounting holes aren't pre-drilled perfectly and you need to screw into the glass quite a ways in order to get the screws flush with the bottom. But that was THE most painful thing about this television.SPEEDBoot time is fairly slow, if that's important to you.Read more ›

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