Buy Sonax B-207-CHT Holland 70.75-Inch Extra Wide TV/Component Bench, Ravenwood Black


Attain the ultimate home theater display with this sleek new extra wide design from the Holland Collection. Featuring adjustable shelves encased with tinted tempered glass doors this contemporary new TV bench is the perfect platform for TV's up to 80-inch. Maximize your living space with the strong and light weight thick panel surface and ample variety of storage options ideal for even the largest of components. Generous open shelf space provides the perfect place for your audio equipment and receivers. Specially crafted to be easy to assemble, this Sonax furniture is proudly made in North America.


  • Accommodates up to an 80-inch TV
  • Rich Ravenwood Black finish
  • Extra wide 70.75-inch design
  • Generous storage options for components of all sizes
  • Easy touch tempered safety glass doors

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Worth the money!

I purchased this TV stand to put under my projector screen. I wanted a table that is wide and low at the same time. I use it to put my media players such as my Blu-ray player and my WDTV. I also use it for the center speaker of my surround sound. It's totally worth the money. It was the easiest piece of furniture I've ever had to assemble, unlike Ikea's furniture. I love that you can cover up any scratch with a black marker. I uploaded a photo of it after I completed assembling it. You can find it under customer images. I definitely recommend it.

5 out of 5 stars Excellent Product and met all of my expectations

I purchased this for use with a Sharp 80" LED TV and it has met all my expecations and was easy to setup but due to its size, it does require help from another person. Would buy from this vendor again and the product was all I expected it to be. It also was cheaper then other comparable products that could support an 80" TV. Very happy with it.

5 out of 5 stars Exactly what I wanted

Has a nice quality look. Was easy to put together. It was hard to find a stand of this length at this price, very pleased with this product.

4 out of 5 stars Decent for the price, but not out of this world.

Happy with this. Besides the nice chrome feet though, it looks like you bought it at Ikea. Except the price is about 20% higher and the feet aren't adjustable--on uneven floors you'll have to add your own padding.I had to buy something that would fit a 65" heavy plasma TV and didn't want to spend half of the price of the TV on it. This was quite hard, since they know you'll pay up to get something that does not take away from your nice, big, expensive TV.So overall, it's okay. Just--it's a box, it's simple, not outstanding but not bad by any means, and whomever wrote the notice on how to put it together is an idiot--the first three steps are very detailed, but it's just a warm-up for the fourth step, which is the kitchen sink--do this, this, this, this, this and that, and voila! All in one drawing, as if they ran out of paper to detail the remaining steps. Sigh.If you suck really bad at putting furniture together, you'll want to ask for help from someone who is good with thinking in 3D. If not, just pay extra attention to the orientation of the boards--not all sides have covering, so you have to put it in the right way. That's a little cheapo, in my opinion. You can always take it apart and rebuild it properly (it's all screws besides nails for the back thin panel), but it's annoying.Anyways. The inside is quite small--check the notice on the manufacturer website to make sure your tuner, etc will fit. The back has large openings for wires and aeration, which is great.Overall, it's sturdy and decent for the price. If you are looking for something simple, functional, modern, and reasonably priced that will accept the weight of a larger TV, this item is probably what you want.

5 out of 5 stars Great TV Stand

We got a 70 inch TV and needed a stand to both hide the wires and store our gaming systems/surround sound hub. This product does the job and looks good doing it. We put it together ourselves and it didn't take long; there are some semi-heavy pieces and some detail work trying to nail the back cover onto the narrower shelves but overall it was easy. Without the feet it is a bit short, so I would recommend putting them on (they are on it in the picture). If you don't put the back cover on, you can see through to the wires, which some people like. The vent/cable holes are big enough that you can pass wires easily but you don't see them from the front of the stand. I was worried that the black glass would look tacky (because I remember old style media centers with terrible black glass) but these doors are basically unnoticeable and blend into the rest of the unit. Great buy and a great price on amazon compared to similar sizes at other locations.

5 out of 5 stars Fits Larger Center Channel Speakers!!
Christian Richardson

I ordered this product and upon further discovery (while the giant box of wood was in transit) realized, to my dismay, that the spec'd out drawing shared in the pictures of this piece showed that the center opening was over an inch too narrow. I looked at it and thought that it wouldn't be too difficult to retrofit the center area and drop the shelf with a few "L" Brackets... Move to last night as I am setting up the stand... My brother and I (find a buddy to help; easy setup, but the top and bottom are six feet long) headed to Lowe's to buy said brackets mid-assembly. We got back to my basement and finally decided to actually pull out the tape measure. To my astonishment, the shelf sits at 6 1/2" in height, not the 5 1/4" listed on the spec sheet. My Onkyo HT-s9400 center channel is 6 1/4 tall!! It looks like it is made for the electronics. All in all, a handsome and sturdy design and an easy setup.

5 out of 5 stars component bench

Product was exactly as expected. Each shelf is adjustable. The access holes were fine for us. No need to expand them. Possibly they corrected this after previous complaints. Make sure you measure depth as some accessories would not fit by an inch and half. We also ordered the matching component stand and it looks great. Also, it is picture directions not detail step by step. Good to know if you are not good with that. Easy to put together though. I think most people could figure it out.

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