AVF NEXUS NXL4502PB-A Flat Panel TV Corner Mount for 36-Inch to 70-Inch Screens (Black ) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


AVF is a world leading supplier of TV wall mounts, support systems and accessories with over 30 years experience supplying worldwide markets. AVF's ECO-MOUNT range is a complete range of flat panel TV wall mounts based on one modular family look. These flat panel mounts offer functionality from flat-to-wall through to multi-position in small, medium and large size categories, and are complimented by A/V Component Shelving mounts. Universal compatibility and the modular design of the products with an 'easy-click' locking mechanism make installation as easy as 1-2-3. The XL4502PB-A is the ultimate corner solution for flat panel TV's 36-70” which allows the TV and the AV components to be mounted in a corner, saving space and providing a clean aesthetic with its ‘floating' appearance. This unit swivels as one complete unit and the shelves adjust to accommodate a variety of AV components. An efficient manufacturing process using common modular component parts for the range means Eco-Mount uses fewer raw materials, produces less waste and, crucially, products are designed to fit in boxes that are 50% smaller than similar products available in stores. This has led to a reduction in packaging and transportation and, as a consequence, a reduction in CO2 emissions.


  • The Ultimate All-in-one Corner solution for flat panel TV's 36-70" and up to 132 lbs, with 22 lb max per shelf
  • Space Saving and provides a clean aesthetic with it's "floating" appearance
  • Compatible with VESA mounting patterns up to 400 x 1000mm
  • Swivels, tilts and lateral adjustment - 15° left/right with 15° tilt
  • Easy and secure mounting! 2 shelf component assembly has 'shelf leveling' feature and shelves swivel with TV

Customer Reviews

1 out of 5 stars Buy your own hardware

Overall this mount seems to be of quality materials and construction. The installation instructions are cumbersome compared to other mounts I have put in, but I can live with that as long as the end result is a successful strong mount. However, during the installation 4 of the 10 included lag bolts snapped off halfway into the wall. I followed the explicit instructions in installing these (drilled pilot holes, correct wrench size) and was only applying a normal amount of torque when they broke.This left me with partially installed brackets, holes in my wall with half a lag bolt in them (try getting that out) and no way to get this mounted where I wanted without raising it a foot higher (and obviously using a better quality of bolt this time around). Although the brackets seem secure, with only 60% of the included supports holding them in, I'm not real comfortable putting my 55" TV on them.Bottom line - the bolts are obviously a bit part in this mount, but without them this is junk. BEWARE before buying this item - at the very least substitute with your own hardware.FOLLOW-UP from a week later - I was able to drill some additional holes in the brackets and use heavy duty galvanized lag bolts from Lowe's to make this work and the mount is holding up my TV fine. However, the company did not respond in any way to my requests for assistance with the problems I encountered. Don't expect good (or any) customer service if you have problems.

5 out of 5 stars Love this corner mount!

LOVE THIS! This was the only option for wall-mounting our TV in our house, due to the layout. Installing it was difficult, as the directions are complicated and my husband did it by himself. (He did it while I was out of the house as a surprise.) I highly recommend that two people tackle this and carefully review the directions before getting started. One man can do it, but it'll have him cursing. Highly worth the effort though, I'm so happy with this purchase--it looks so nice and sleek. Shipped fast, arrived undamaged.

4 out of 5 stars Very difficult to construct, but worth it once it's complete
Daniel B. Thomas

This is a VERY substantial corner mount for a large TV. Nothing flimsy about this mount. It also has the ability to hide all the cords from various devices that plug into the TV. It is also very attractive with the nice shelves.That being said, it is a bear to put up! If you are affixing it to masonry, take the included mounting hardware and throw it in the trash. The masonry hardware will snap off. Buy instead some substantial masonry screws which usually come with a masonry bit to drill the pilot hole. This will save you quite a bit of cussing.The instructions say it needs two people to install this. Definitely the case! Three people is not a bad idea. The whole thing weights about 90 pounds and needs to be held up while it is attached to the wall brackets.Now that it is up, I feel confident that my expensive high-def TV will not come crashing to the ground and the cords are neatly hidden behind the scenes.

5 out of 5 stars Nice corner unit
cope's stuff

I liked the concept of a corner unit with shelves. This was easy to install. The directions suggest that two people are required to mount this. I was able to do everything myself with the exception of mounting the plasma tv onto the bracket. Very solid and well built.

4 out of 5 stars Well-Built Mount; too tight clearances.

This is a very well built mount. The TV is not going anywhere. My problem with this is that clearances are very tight and there is not much room for adjustment during installation. For example, the wall bracket hole clearance did not leave any adjustment if it is not plumb after all (5) screws are installed, so I had to open them up a little. Also, I would recommend that the pilot holes into the stud wall be more like .144" not the .118" [(3) mm] that is in the manual. I did this because some of the reviews of this product claimed that the lag screws broke during install. You also need to make sure the pilot hole is the full length of the screw and these screws are around 2-1/2" lg, so use a long drill bit. Next example, the clearance holes of the mounting arms had to be opened up to fit the 8 mm SHCS. This might be a little nit picking, but does it really hurt to make the clearance holes 1/16" oversized?Lastly, the printed manual is in B&W, which makes it hard to see all the detail of the illustrations. I know there is a DVD, but the TV was taken off line for the install, so I had to rely on it.Overall, I would highly recommend this unit and would have given it 5 stars had the install mods not been necessary. The major pitfall is the lag screw mounting into a stud wall. My screws did not break, thank GOD, but I can see if the pilot holes are not deep enough and the screws bottom out in the hole that it can happen. I went oversized on the pilot hole drill size to help the install of the lag screws. Do this at your discretion, but don't go too big that the screws don't bite into the studs. Once you see the lag screws, I think you will agree on this course of action. Enjoy!

5 out of 5 stars High Quality Beefy Bracket--Great
B. Trujillo

This is great High Quality Bracket--Truly Beefy and more than enough for my 46" LCD--- Very good instructions----If you don't want any problems with the supplied lag bolts make sure you spend $3.50 and get the longer drill bit for pilot holes as well as a dab of soap or oil when driving them in. Looks great!! Perfect!!

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